They following list includes some of the Web services and Features offered by RGII but not limited to:

Note: While some features and or services takes as little as 1 to 8 hours to implement. Please allow 24 hrs for processing.


  • Web Hosting

  • Website development

  • Monthly Maintenance

  • Marketing / Promotion / SEO

  • Consultations


  • Image Sliders
  • Image/Video/Audio Galleries
  • Video Player
  • Audio Player
  • Podcast
  • Unlimited Pages
  • eCommerce/ Digital Downloads
  • Enhanced Security
  • Social media links
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Website communities
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • etc..


Be sure to add as much detail and information as possible while your project is in development.

For inquires regarding mobile app development. Rates start @ $5,000.00 USD, Contact Us for details.

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